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EVENTS/NEWS / PRESS RELEASE - „Releationship between MAN and NATURE in the Lower Ciuc Basin”

12 august 2013 - no comments
    From July 1st 2013 ACCENT GeoEcological Organization started the project, titled: „Releationship between MAN and NATURE in the Lower Ciuc Basin”, and its goal is: Conservation and sustainable exploitation of the natural heritages and the traditional rural landscape through the revival of traditional activities by animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land; and promoting of sustainable tourism, that will bring revenues to the local community without affecting negatively  the natural landscape, leading to increased respect for its values and that incorporates cultural values and specific traditional of the  Lower Ciuc Basin”.

The main project objectives are:
The revival of traditional activities by animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land. By the identification and promotion of traditional activities, like the animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land; – By starting to a survey on the changes in the last 50 years in the area of the natural heritage and the methods of animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land; – By publishing a guide promotion, which will highlight the difference between practice of traditional activities in the past and in the present and their impact on species and habitats regarding the animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land in the Lower Basin Ciuc (implementation of a pilot project as a model).
Ensuring the favorable conservation status of the “Falcon Stone” Natural Protected Area.By improving the communication between stakeholders, as well as planning and initiating an effective management system with the involvement of the authorities,the NGOs and not least the local communities; – By elaborating the management plan and taking conservation measures to maintain the favorable conservation status.

Awareness of the population and the local authorities account the relation between sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation (the relation between man and nature).
By organizing caravans in all 9 places targeting the Natura 2000 site - Lower Ciuc Basin and the “Falcon Stone” Natural Protected Area (townships: Sâncrăieni, Sântimbru, Sânsimion with Cetățuia and Sânsimion villages, Tușnad with Tușnad Nou, Tușnad Sat and Vrabia villages and Băile Tușnad town). – By disseminating informational materials such as PowerPoint, photo and video presentations.

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. The partners of the project: RENATUROPA (Brașov) and VOX IUVENTUTIS (Băile Tușnad) Associations; municipalities of Băile Tușnad and Sânsimion; and the following general schools: “Jókai Mór” from Băile Tușnad, “Imets Fülöp Jákó” from Tușnad township, “Endes József” from Sânsimion township, “Arany János” from Sântimbru township and “Vitos Mózes” from Sâncrăieni township.

The total budget of the project is 72.156,00 CHF of which the grant is 60.056 CHF and the co-financing of the beneficiary is 12.100 CHF.

Implementation period: July 1st, 2013 – June 31th, 2015

For more information contact:
PILBÁTH  G. Attila, Project Coordinator
Mobil: 0723 357 650
MOLNÁR Gyöngyvér, Project Assistant
Mobil: 0722 161 372

The Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site (ROSCI0007) extends on 2693 hectares and it is situated in the southeastern part of Harghita county, touching the following communities:  Sâncrăieni (with the village Sâncrăieni), Sântimbru (with the village Sântimbru), Sânsimion (with the village Sânsimion and Cetățuia) and Tușnad (with the villages Vrabia, Tușnad Sat and Tușnad Nou). This site is crossed by the river Olt. This site is very important in terms of protecting a big number of community interest habitats and species.


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