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ROSCI0007 / Natural values

The site is included in the Alpine biogeographical region and it is important because of its high number of species and habitats of Community interest. It has been conserved small parts of once large eutrophic fens of which size was reduced by the regularization of the Olt River and its floodplain, the increased agricultural areas and the expansion of the settlements.

Activities with negative impact on Community interest species and habitats in the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site

  • Reduction of the groundwater level by dredging, regulation, drainage channels: any
  • conscious activity which results the drainage of the area;
  • Deforestation of the woody vegetation along the streams and on forest edges, as well as separate rows of trees;
  • The burning of meadows/stubbles/peat;
  • The unauthorized motorized sports;
  • Poaching;
  • Illegal waste storage, water and soil pollution;
  • The introduction of non-native species.

Benefits for the communities

  • The Natura 2000 gives an image (brand) for an area, where local products and services can be developed and sold better (traditional products, ecotourism);
  • Increases the economic diversification and the local investments by promoting environmentally friendly businesses;
  • Special funding from the European Union for agriculture and forestry in Natura 2000 areas for traditional and environmentally friendly managements;
  • Support for accessing community development funds aimed to maintain economy and the social structure of the rural areas;
  • Tax exemption for lands in Natura 2000 sites;
  • Payments to cover losses incurred by management measures;
  • Opportunity to live a clean and healthy life, opportunity that we, humans of today can give to our children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

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