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About the project

Management Plan and Information Campaign, education and awareness for the
Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site (ROSCI0007)

The Lowe Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site’s surface is 2693 ha and it is located in the Central Region, Harghita County. The territorial distribution of this site in each commune nearby is: Sâncrăieni 4%, Sânsimion 19%, Sântimbru 6%, Tușnad 11%. This area is crossed by the River Olt. The area includes 6 protected Nature Reserves, on the Decision of the County Council Harghita nr.195/2005 and the Law nr. 5/2000. These are: Mlaștina Valea de Mijloc - 4 ha, Mlaștina Beneș - 4 ha, Mlaștina Borșaros - Sâncrăieni - 1 ha, Mlaștina Csemo- Vrabia - 5 ha, Mlaștina Nyirkert - 4 ha, Mlaștina Nadas - 4 ha.  Most of the territories of the Natura 2000 Site are private property of individuals living in the involved communes.

Beginning from 2012.04.12 the ACCENT GeoEcological Organization, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency Harghita and the Council of Băile Tușnad, started the project with the title: “Management Plan and Information Campaign, education and awareness for the Lowe Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site”, project code: SMIS-CSNR 36405. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and it is functioning through Financing Agreement nr 128838/12.04.2012, which was signed between the Ministry of Environment and Forests, as the Managing Authority for the Sector Operational Program Environment 2007-2013, and the ACCENT GeoEcological Organization, as the beneficiary of the funding. 

The project value is 1.954.972 lei, from which the eligible value is 1.615.500 lei (grant funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget) and the value, other than the eligible, is 339.472 lei, from which 310.272 lei represents the VAT related to the project eligible value. The project will last 24 months, from 12.04.2012 till 11.04.2014. 

The main goal/objective of this project is “to protect and repair significantly the favorable conservation status of the Lower Ciuc Natura 2000 Site, and also to conserve the species and habitats of the community interest, within an open, transparent, consultative and participatory process, which has the goal to finish the management plan and to inform the stakeholders parties about the advantages of conserving the Natura 2000 Site”.

The specific objectives/goals of the project are: Elaboration of the Management Plan for the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site, in accordance with the current law and supervision by the competent authority for the environmental protection. Increase the level of information, education and awareness of the stakeholders about the importance and role of the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site, with particular attention on the local sustainable development: sustainable economical development, protection of the environment and achieving the objectives of favorable conservation status of species of community interest.

In this project are included two categories of activity, as follows: activities type “A”: elaboration of the plan, strategy and management measures for the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site. The “A” type of activities includes two groups of other activities, which are necessary for the elaboration of the management plan, which will ensure the conservation of the species and habitats of the community interest.

Activity “A.1”: to realize a detailed evaluation study of the biodiversity, this will be the base of the management plan (detailed description of the area about the biodiversity, to justify objectives and measures of conservation, because the information from the standard form is insufficient).

Activity “A. 2”: elaboration of the management plan in accordance to the current standards and the law.

Activities type „E” contains three groups of activities of consulting, awareness and inform.
Activity „E.1”: it is compulsory to advertise the project.
Activity “E. 2”: to realize a survey to measure the level of information and awareness of the population and tourist about the values and significance of Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site, before the start of the awareness/information campaign and after finishing it.
Activity “E. 3”: information and awareness activities according to the Communication Plan.

Activities type “MP” includes management activities of the project, as follows:
Activity “MP.1”: financial audit of the project.
Activity “MP.2”: management of the project.
Activity “MP.3”: purchasing goods and equipment for the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

More information:

Pilbáth G. Attila – project manager,
Mobil: 0723 357 650

Project Implementation Unit - PIU (programe: 8.30 – 16.30)
Cloșca Street, nr. 31, Brașov, postal code: 500040
Tel.: 0371 119 960, Fax: 0372 872 045




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