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TOURISM / Eco-tourism near the site / Activities

In summer:

1. Hiking: 
- Organized walking tours on marked routs; opportunity to visit the protected areas. Tours are organized at least for 4 people on one day. All these routs need an average preparation from the tourists.
More information:  +40 723 712 787 (Lăzărești); web:

2. Mountain bike
- Tourists have the opportunity to get to know the region, the people and the nature by bike. The route has a varying degree of difficulty.
More information: +40 740 078 812; web: és

3. Tour with cart to visit sheepfolds and “The Route of Mineral Waters”: 

- It is organized at least for 4 people and the most for 8.This route contains a visit of some sheepfolds, baths and mineral water springs.
More information: +40 723 712 787 (Lăzărești); web:

4. Rafting and kayaking on the river Olt
- It is organized at least for 4 people, duration 4-5 hours. It starts from village Tușnad Sat, through the Olt defile and Băile Tușnad, all the way to the reservoir of village Bixad; this route is 17 km length.
More information:  +40 745 531 947; web:

5. Paragliding
- Flights for beginners or advanced. It depends totally on the weather conditions.
More information: +40 740 624 907, +40 740 168 178 (Tusnádfürdő)

6. Cultural tourism
- There are included the local people’s habit, tradition, craft, in other words the cultural heritage of this region. Various programs offered by the pensions in this zone.
More information:

7. Watching bears in the nature
- It is organized at least for 4 the most for 6 people. There are specially equipped observatories in the Vârghiș Valley. It is advised to be there before dusk.
More information: +40 744 540 115

In winter:

8. Hiking in winter time
- Organized walking tours on indicated routs; opportunity to visit the protected areas. Tours are organized at least for 4 people. The level of the difficulty is variable, from the easy walks to difficult routs, which is recommended only for tourist with adequate equipment and training.
More information:  +40 723 712 787 (Lăzărești); web:

9. Ski touring
- In trail marked routs; there are rout- offers with the level of difficulty medium on marked or unmarked routs.
More information:

10. Horse-drawn sleigh rides
- It is organized at least for 4 and the most for 8 people.
More information:  +40 723 712 787 (Lăzărești); web:

11. Ski and snowboard
- The ski-run in Tusnad Spa is equipped with: lighting for night skiing, lift pass, ski rental, ski-bar etc.
More information:

Information Centers:
The Tourist Information Center „InfoTur” is located in the town center of Tusnad Spa and it is coordinated by the Tourism Association - Tusnad Spa.
More information: +40 266 335 114, +40 266 335 115
 +40 266 335 114, web:,; E-mail:

ACCENT GeoEcological Organization has its office in the Street Ciucaș, number 62, Tusnad Spa (Pension „Vila Șoimul”) and it is the Custodian of the Falcon Stone Natural Reserve and the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site.
More information: +40 723 357 650; web:; E-

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