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Touristic attractions

1. Suspension bridge on the Olt River
A 100 meters from the Pension “Mill Inn”, is a tourist –rest and a bridge above the Olt River. In the other side of the bridge, there is a path, which leads to the old reservoir near the village Bixad and to a mineral water spring in Carpitus. Following the path, we arrive to an undeveloped pool filled with mezzo-thermal water; there we can see the Holed-Stone created by the Olt River. The track/rout goes past by the ruins of the Vapa Castle and by the Falcon Stone (Bixad). This track can be walked on foot or rode by bike.
Mark of round track: red lane, informative table with a bicycle. Running-time: 1 h. Length of track: 2.5 km. Level difference: 40 m.
2. The mofeta
Getting through the bridge, which lies above the Olt River, the road divides: going on the right side, the path leads to the Falcons Stone Natural Protected Area, while the left side, goes beside the Campsite/Camping and mineral water spring „Youth”, and leads into the forest, to the building of the mofetta. Mofetta means a natural break of the carbon dioxide (dry gaz) as the after-effect of the volcanic past. These gazes contain 85% (sometimes 98%) carbon-dioxid. This carbon-dioxid baths are recommended for the following diseases: cardiovascular problems (high blood-pressure, varicose vein), but it is also good for skin-disease, rheumatism, chronic venereal disease and nervous disease.  It is important to know, that these therapies are recommended only by the suggestion and previous state of the using program of the specialist, consultant.
Mark of round track: indicators, yellow circle. Running-time: 20 min. Length of track: 700 m. Level difference: 45 m.

3. The Falcons Stone Nature Reserve
Near the town Tusnad Spa is located the Falcon Stone Nature Reserve (1,5 ha), this area belongs to the volcanic chain of South Harghita and it is located on the east slope of the Piliske volcanic cone with tower-shaped andesite protrusions which rise 50-60 meter above the surface. The vegetation is formed from deciduous and coniferous trees too, it is a mixed forest. One of the most representative plant of the reserve is the Hawkweed specie (Hieracium telekianum), which is a local endemism. From the fauna of this reserve we should mention: red squirrel, edible dormouse, the European Roe deer, and brown bear and sometimes appears the wild cat, grey wolf or Eurasian lynx. From the bird-world we can find here the followings: cat-owl, eagle-owl, woodpecker, buzzard, blue tit and the coal tit. From reptiles we can find here the viviparous and nimble lizard.

STUDY PATH – Tusnad Spa (656 m) – Ciucas Lake (600 m) – Falcons Stone (858 m)
Getting through the bridge, which lies above the Olt River, the road divides: going on the left side we can reach the spring and the mofetta, while going on the right side, where are standing 2 informative boards and the red triangle shows the way, to the Falcon Stone. Coming along the forest path the mark shows the way through the Raven Brook (track nr 4) and through 18 serpentine roads to the peak of the Falcon Stone. Following the marks we reach the peak, where the wood cross stands and we can admire the view of the town, the Valley of the River Olt and the Ciomad Mountain. Along the path/rout/track are ten didactic boards with relevant information about this area, hook up on trees.  
Mark of round track: red triangle. Running-time: 1–2 h. Length of track: 2.5 km. Level difference: 202 m.

4. Cycle path
This track is 10 km long and it starts from the village New-Tusnad (Tusnad-Nou) and it is passing through glades, woodlands, touches the Falcon Stone Natural Reserve. From there leads the path to the riverside of Olt, where is the hook up bridge (track nr.1), getting through it and following the path, we arrive to Bixad. This cycle path was made to bind the counties Harghita and Covasna through the “Rout of the Mineral Waters”, which was the first this kind of initiative in Romania. Special thanks to the Foundation “Polgar-Tars” and to the “Ciuc Hiking and Protecting Organization”, who made the first steps to make this initiative come real/true.

Mark of round track: informative marks and tables with a bicycle. Running-time: 2 h. Length of track: 10 km. Level difference: 60 m.

5. Piliske tourist hostel/ Big Piliske Peak
We start from the train station in Tusnad Spa, through the bridge, we leave behind a small hill, and we arrive to a forest road, which leads us north from the Falcon Stone. After an hour walking we leave the forest road and follow the path, which leads us to a shelter. From this house we go west, until we get to a crest, where the road is marked with blue line. From there we walk south and soon we arrive to the peak of the Big Piliske, at 1374 m high.
Mark of round track: blue cross. Running-time: 1.5–2 h. Length of track: 4 km. Level difference: 720 m.

6. Tower Stones
This track has the same starting point as the route/track nr.5. We follow the blue triangle for about one hour, and then we walk by a tourist-rest, what we leave behind and arrive to the Tower Stones. This is a look-out point, from where you can see the Valley of the Rover Olt and the Ciomad Mountain.
Mark of round track: blue triangle. Running-time: ascending 1 ½ h, descending 1 h. Length of track: 1.5 km. Level difference: 540 m.

7. Red Water/ Vargyas stream/ Mohos peat moor - Saint Anne Lake Natura 2000 site
The north exit of the town Tusnad Spa, in way to Miercurea Ciuc, on the right side of the main road is a forest road, indicated with poplar trees. After 2 km, the road gets through the valley of a brook. After 700-800 m, on the left side is the Big-Haram road, which is increasing until the Red Waters. From the meeting point of the two roads, the right one, marked with yellow triangle, finishes after 250 m, on a little glade. The left sided road leads on the west slope of the Mohos Peak to the Grass-Haram. The pine-forest is followed by the beech-forest. On the marked road we arrive to the mountain-pass between the Mohos Peak and Big-Ciomad. From here the road slops to the Mohos Peat Moor, where meets with the red pointed road. The road leads along the Mohos Peat Moor, gets through the Mohos Glade and the terminus is the Saint Anna Lake.
Mark of round track: yellow triangle. Running-time: 2 h. Length of track: 5.5 km. Level difference: 420 m.

8. Vár Peak / Mohos peat moor - Saint Anne Lake Natura 2000 site
The blue marked track follows the main road to the Town Hall, after the market-place and the gas station turns to the right side, in the direction of the ruins of the 5th mess hall. Arriving to the edge of the forest starts a tight path. After 50 minutes walk we get to a junction, where we take to the left, continuously following the blue line. In the pine-forest we move to the mountain-pass between the two Ciumad. The track gets more and more steep, this part being the most difficult between the Szurdok Peak and the Big- Ciomad. Arriving to the glade between the two Ciomad, the road meets the red crossed road, which comes from Tusnad Spa. From this point the road gets descendent, until the Mohos Peat Moor. From the shelter and campsite the road leads to the Saint Anne Lake.
Length of track: blue line; to the Vár Peak blue dot. Running-time: 4–5 h. Length of track: 14 km. Level difference: 560 m.

9. Apor Bastion
This is the first marked rout in Tusnad Spa. This track starts from the town center, goes near the spring Mikes and Apor, and gets till the edge of the forest. Here ends the paved road and starts the forest path. After a ten minutes walk the road marked with red cross and red point divides. The red cross leads to the Mohos Peat Moor and Saint Anne Lake (track nr.10). The red pointed road turns to left, we follow this and after a ten minutes walk we can see the Apor Bastion, 701 meter high. This bastion was built in 1883, as a look-out place. Leaving the bastion, on the right side we cross a spring and on an easy slope we are led back to the town.
Length of track: red dot. Running-time: ½ –1 h. Length of track: 1.5 km. Level difference: 68 m.

10. Mohos peat moor - Saint Anne Lake Natura 2000 site
This track is marked with red- cross and leads to the lake through 32 serpentines. The start is the same as in the track nr.9. Where the road divides, now we follow the right one, marked with the red-cross, which is 3.2 km long, spiced with tight and steep serpentines, until we arrive to the mountain-pass between the Small and the Big Ciomad. The road leads through the forest and it is almost horizontal. From here the road gets descendent until the Mohos Peat Moore. Leaving behind the shelter and the campsite/camping, we arrive to the Saint Anne Lake.
Length of track: red-cross until the tourist shelter, blue triangle to the Big Csomád. Running-time: 3–3 ½ h. Length of track: 6 km. Level difference: 554 m.

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